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  • 2018 General Pathology Review

    Join us for an intensive 4-day session on concepts in general pathology.

  • 2018 Northeast Veterinary Pathology Conference

    Dr. John Cullen will be speaking on Parenchymal Diseases of the Liver.

  • 2018 Annual Gross Pathology Review Course

    Learn all about gross lesions in domestic, laboratory, and exotic animals.

  • 2018 Descriptive Pathology Course

    Brush ​​up ​​your ​​descriptive ​​​​skills ​​in ​​a ​​supportive environment.

  • Prof. Maja Suter Awarded Coveted Olafson Medal

    This medal has only been awarded 13 times since 1980 to eminent veterinary pathologists. It is highly fitting that Maja Suter is the first female recipient of the Olafson Medal.

  • Student Scholarship Awards

    The Foundation proudly awarded deserving residents and graduate students at the 2017 ACVP Annual Meeting.

  • 2017 Southcentral Division Meeting

    The meeting was held at Texas A&M Galveston Campus in October, 2017. Annual dinner at Landry's!

  • IV Chilean Meeting on Veterinary Histopathology

    It was organized by Dr. Carlos Gonzalez from Andres Bello University, and sponsored by the Latin Comparative Pathology Group (the Latin-American Division of the Foundation).

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Course ID: 167120
Title: Minipigs in Health and Disease

Length: 01:30:00
Author: Dr Bruce Williams DVM
Description: This RACE-accredited 1.5 hour lecture reviews basic information, husbandry, anatomic peculiarities, common background findings, and pathologic lesions common to various breeds of minipigs in use in laboratory systems.

Noah's Arkive

The Foundation is proud to make Noah's Arkive, a searchable collection of veterinary pathology images, available online at no cost. Special thanks to the University of Georgia for transferring the database and image collection to the Foundation!

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CL Davis Diagnostic Exercises

The main goal of these Diagnostic Exercises is to provide interesting cases, focusing on the gross pathological lesions and associated histopathologic or cytologic findings. This material can be of great use for veterinary students, in-training pathologists, and ACVP diplomates alike.

There will be one contribution per month of the year; anyone may contribute. To do so, please contact Dr. Vinicius Carreira at to identify a convenient date for your submission and to receive templates to be used. Spots will be filled out on a first-come first-served basis.

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Now available for order from the American Association of Avian Pathologists (AAAP). 300 pages and over 1200 amazing colored pictures of gross lesions of over 120 avian diseases.
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New today in Noah from the AFIP Archives.

Tissue from a dog.

Name the condition: Occipital dysplasia

Comment: Occipital dysplasia, colloquially termed a "keyhole foramen magnum" has been identified in a number of toy or small dog breeds, including the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Yorkshire terriers and Pomerianians, among others. In the Cavalier King Charles spaniel it may be associated with malformation of the caudal fossa (Chiara-Like syndrome) and syringomyelia. It is estimated that up to 95% of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels possess the defect, with up to 50% having other parts of this syndrome.

The defect arrises from a failure of incomplete ossification of the ventromedial portion of the supra occipital bone, and is often replaced by a band of connective tissue.
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Registration is now open for the 2018 European Division Symposium on Dermatopathology!
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Backyard chicken. Very severe, extensive necrotizing myositis of the right pectoral muscles caused by injection of a large volume of tetracycline hydrochloride solution. ... See moreSee less

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Tissue from a camel.

Morphologic diagnosis: Excessive tooth wear

Comment: A ten-year-old single-humped male camel was found dead after prolonged illness. All the teeth were worn up to gum level. Camel was died due to T cell lymphoma (Image: F33848 - attached here.

Broken mouth is a common issue in sheep, with excessive wear of the incisors. When looking at excessive wear of the teeth, both environmental conditions (excessive abrasion due to sand), as well as factors contributing to soft enamel such as fluorosis should be examined.
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